MTN Data Plans, Codes & Prices

As we all know, MTN is the largest network provider in the whole of Africa, making it outstanding with its various services and products. This write up is targeted at the different data bundles/plans available on the MTN platform.

NOTE: Data plans are subscriptions to wireless mobile devices/phones for the transfer of data over any particular network. It may be an unlimited-use plan or based on an actual amount of data transfer. Data plan comes in daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly depending on the affordability of the user.

Choosing a mobile data plan has never been this easy with the MTN Data Plans. The MTN platform boast of daily data plans, weekly data plans, monthly data plans and the quarterly data plans.

Below are the different data plans/bundles available on the MTN platform. You can simply select any of the following flexible and affordable data bundle plans.


MTN Data Plans

Plan                       Bonus                Duration                 Price              Activation Code

50MB                    25MB                    1 Day                    N100               Text 104 to 131

150MB                  75MB                    1 Day                    N200               Text 113 to 131

150MB                    –                           1 Week                 N300               Text 102 to 131

500MB                 250MB                  1 Week                  N500               Text 103 to 131

1GB                      500MB                  1 Month                 N1000             Text 106 to 131

I.5GB                       –                           1 Month                N1200              Text 130 to 131

2.5GB                    1GB                      1 Month                 N2000              Text 110 to 131

5GB                         –                           1 Month                 N3500              Text 107 to 131

10GB                 –                            1 Month                  N5000                  Text 116 to 131

22GB                 –                            1 Month                  N10000                 Text 117 to 131

50GB                 –                            2 Months                N20000                 Text 118 to 131

100GB              –                             2 Months                N30000                 Text 138 to 131

120GB              –                             3 Months                N50000                  Text 133 to 131

150GB             –                              3 Months                N75000                  Text 139 t0 131



The Data Bonuses will be available for use from 1am to 7am on the MTN Deal Zone.

Users can as well dial *131# to activate any of the data plans/bundles.


MTN Data Plans Calculator

The following is the MTN estimated data usage;

Activity                                                                  Data Size

Surfing the web                                          1 minute browsing online – 1MB

Using social media                                     1 minute of browsing and posting to social media – 4MB

Sending and receiving emails                  1 email (with no attachments) – 20KB

Sending and receiving emails                  1 email (with standard attachments) – 300KB

Game online                                               1 minute of playing games – 3MB

Stream music                                             1 minute of streaming music – 2MB

Stream non-HD video                               1 minute of streaming non-HD video content – 4MB

Stream HD video                                       1 minute of streaming HD video content – 15MB

NOTE: The above data usage estimate is just a guide. Your usage may differ during actual circumstances.


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