Airtel Data Plans

Whatever your data need is, there is always a plan that suits you. Airtel comes with fast and affordable data plans that will always keep you connected. Users are sure to have a smooth and reliable internet experience.

Airtel comes with various data plans which are the; Daily Plans, Weekly Plans, Monthly Plans, Mega Plans and the Social Plans.


Data Plans

Daily/Weekly Plans

The Daily/Weekly Plans are the low cost data plans designed for all your internet needs.


Price                    Data                    Validity                    USSD Code

N50                      20MB                  1 Day                        *141*50#

N100                   75MB                  1 Day                        *141*100#

N200                  200MB                 3 Days                      *141*200#

N300                  350MB                 7 Days                      *141*300#

N500                  750MB                14 Days                     *141*500#


Monthly Plans

Price                              Data                                    Validity                          USSD Code

N1000                          1.5GB                                   30 Days                         *141*1000#

N1500                  2.5GB plus **1GB Night          30 Days                          *141*1500#

N2000                          3.5GB                                   30 Days                         *141*2000#

N2500                 4.5GB plus **1GB Night           30 Days                          *141*2500#

N3000                 5.5GB plus **1GB Night           30 Days                          *141*3000#

N4000                7.5GB plus **1GB Night            30 Days                          *141*4000#

NOTE: Night Data is usable between 1AM and 7AM Daily.


Mega Plans

These set of data plans are designed for heavy data user.


Data                                                   Price                      Validity                  USSD Code

10GB plus **2GB Night                       N5000                    30 Days                 *141*5000#

25GB                                                   N10000                  30 Days                  *141*10000#

40GB                                                   N15000                  30 Days                  *141*15000#

60GB                                                   N20000                  30 Days                  *141*20000#

NOTE: Night Data is usable between 1AM and 7AM Daily.


Social Plans

Price                    Plan                       Validity                   USSD Code

N25                     10MB                       1 Day                      *948*4#

N50                     20MB                       1 Day                      *991*4#

N100                   50MB                      5 Days                    *688*3#

N300                  600MB                    25 Days                   *688*1#

NOTE: The 10MB Data Plan gives access to chatting on WhatsApp only while the 20MB, 50MB and 600MB Data Plans give access to chat, browse and stay up to date on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

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