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    looks like Tyrese pretty much kicked himself out of the Fast and Furious franchise who knows maybe they want another you know average American looking blond hair blue eyes guy to be in the franchise I couldn't I hit hey let me I can actually do this time using a different camera so if you're watching on YouTube this is the gravy platform right so click join right th Primal Factor ere click follow right there so you don't miss my live shows and if you love me long time there's a contribute button right there you can send me a donation for doing these shows and then this is the ask a question button right here but you guys can't see cuz it's very bright but I mean they're green and blue they're right there there we go you guys got four minutes left before the giveaway how old are you and where are you from I am 33 years old and I am from Boston Massachusetts you got a Keith gay me 7 the best tip for losing fat the best tip I can give


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